The Event Planning Checklist for Team Building

Teamwork is essential for every organization that wants to attain success. Team building activities offer employees an opportunity to interact with one another away from the office. It is important to remember that it is more than fun and games. If you are planning this type of activity, you have to determine what you want to achieve. Your objectives have to be reasonable. Here is the ultimate event planning checklist for this type of activities.

Event Objectives

List down event planning objectivesThe first step is to set objectives for it. It is impossible to plan for this type of activity if you do not know what you want to achieve. It can be help to establish intra-networking within an organization. The occasion will give employees an opportunity to know each other. The objective can also be to address an issue. If the company has high turnover, it can help fix the problem. It can also be organized to develop a strategic team.
Once the objectives have been identified, it is important to determine the actions employees are required to take to meet them. This will establish a measure for the event.


Event schedule is just as important as the objectives. It is necessary to determine how much time is available for the occasion. This will help the planners to come up with appropriate tasks that can be completed within the time available. Will it take an entire day or a few hours? The time allocated has to be enough to attain the set objectives. If the time available is inadequate, it may be necessary to schedule several team building events. The success of the event largely depends on the amount of time allocated.


The planning checklist has to consider the participants. The participants have to be relevant for the objectives that the organization intends to achieve. An event may include the entire organizations or individuals from a particular department. The organization’s goals will determine who is included.

Financial Plan

You need a good financial plan. Set a budget that will allow you to meet the objectives. If funds are limited, it may be necessary to reconsider the objectives. The main objective is to implement change or improve a situation within an organization. The money spent on it has to be worth it in the long term.


Logistics will determine whether you will meet your objectives or not. Consider the location of the occasion. The location can either be on the company’s grounds or off premise. If you intend to hold an event off premise, think about all the resources you will require such as food, audio and visual equipment, travel, and accommodation.

Event planning for a concert's venue

The venue has to accommodate the people who are attending it. It should also be convenient for every participant. If there are disabled participants, make sure the venue offers easy accessibility. It has to be held in an appropriate venue that is free of distractions. You are organizing it to meet some objectives and there should not be any hindrances.

Setup is another important factor to keep in mind when planning the logistics. What types of seating is required to accommodate the participants? You need to ensure there is adequate seating based on the number of participants.

The venue also needs to be convenient in terms of its location. It should be easy to access if the participants are supposed to use their own means to get there.


The participants need to be safe. The kinds of security you need will vary depending on the venue and the activities that they are engaged in. It may be necessary to notify the police about the event and have an emergency service on hand.
Risk Management

It is impossible to forecast emergencies but you can prepare for them the best way possible. Come up with a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. Make sure you have some qualified individuals to offer first aid in case of an accident. Consider all the participants when you come up with a contingency plan. Bad weather and poor attendance can make it difficult to attain your objectives.

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These above checklists are often useful for those who are new in organizing a team building activity. Are you ready to plan out yours?

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