Steps to become a Successful Event Planner in Malaysia

Event planning can be a lucrative business opportunity if you have what it takes to succeed. Though it’s a seasonal business, it may pay off well when you’re really good at your job. But not everyone is wired to serve in this industry, which is why people who excel here have certain traits that make them a perfect fit for the industry. Obviously you can’t be interested in event planning when you lack these traits. So this article discusses key characteristics of people who are likely to excel in this job, plus steps to becoming a professional event planner.

How to become an event specialist??

It’s very straight forward. The people who yearn to get into this business don’t just wish to venture into this career. Instead, they show certain qualities such as good communication skills, an eye to fashion and style, and a good flair for organization. In fact, this business has the potential of paying if you have these traits handy.

How to become a successful event planner

Clients buy from the person and the services they provide. So they must trust you to provide them with top-notch services. Your clients need to feel at ease with you, and this calls for a very personal character.

Get some experience

Starting out is always not easy, and that’s because you’re required to accumulate a good amount of experience. First, you should have a good grasp of what the business is all about. So you’re going to volunteer in a variety of services, such as working with a florist, caterer or nonprofit organizations. It’s about getting some solid experience. Then make sure you have the following:

  • That you have excellent verbal and written communication skills: The job entails communicating well with people, there’s no two-way about it.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills: They are people who are highly organized. They also work within time limits, which are closely related to being organized.

Good negotiation and budget management skills: When it comes to money matters, good negotiation skills are the keys. You want to reach a win-win situation with your clients whenever they call you to handle their event.

  • Creativity: A good understanding of fashion trends is what will make you stand out. Check out online and magazine resources for some inspirations.
  • Here is a short video about an event specialist.

    Take up a position instead of just volunteering

    Learning only takes place when you assume a more active role in the company you’re serving. Take a lead planning role when you offer to volunteer for a company. For instance, you could become a fundraising chair in a non-profit organization, or become the lead caterer. Identify the area where you’re most passionate about. Don’t give all things to people because no one is always good at all things.

    It’s not what you know, but who you know
    Event planning is all about networking. That’s how you’re going to find clients. Wherever you go, just make sure you associate with people and collect their contacts.

    When writing emails to prospects, start with a ”nice to meet you” greetings. Below your signature, include an elevator pitch on what event planning services you provide. That way, you can always build a strong relationship with people, instead of appearing to solicit them to buy from you.

    Create your portfolio

    Malaysia event planner portfoliosClients love to buy when you prove them wrong. Showcase your work photos or brochures for them to see. These can be gathered from the past events you have worked on. You can easily organize each piece in a book to easily tell your experience and stories. Clients are visual, so just paint that picture for them to imagine. Alternatively, you could showcase your work on social media. That way, it becomes easier for people to see the work you’ve done in the past.

    Get certified

    Ones that have at least 2 years of experience can be accredited with Certified Event Professional. Even when you don’t have much experience in the field, you can always take online courses geared towards event planning. Certification is available upon sitting a written examination.

    Successful event planners are people who are extremely organized. Do you make and follow your to-do list accurately? Can you locate where everything is on your desk without wasting time looking? If you have all these traits, chances of success are high because event planning is about working in a high-paced environment.

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